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We offer promotional opportunities, Training Diversity, Advancement, and Tuition Reimbursement.

There are 650 positions and 500 volunteer forces that make up the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office. Some of which are listed below.

  • Patrol
  • Specialty Units (SWAT Team, Search and Rescue, Bomb Squad, Dive Team, as examples)
  • Forensic Specialist
  • Crime Analyst
  • Fiscal Office Assistant
  • Property Officer
  • Legal Office Specialist
  • Criminal Records Technician

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Hiring Process

In order to join the Sheriff's Office, applicants are required to complete a number of steps in the hiring process. The steps vary according to classifications and can include a written exam, physical agility test, civil and/or departmental interviews, and a background investigation. (Click here for additional information »)

Sheriff's Sworn Staff

Correctional Officer

The Correctional Officer classification is one of our entry-level positions. They work exclusively in our correctional facilities and constitute an internal pool from which we recruit Deputy Sheriff Trainees.

Contact Email: Justine Roscoe

Deputy Sheriff Lateral

The Deputy Sheriff Lateral classification is for experienced officers who come to us from other law enforcement agencies. Once they complete the field-training program, they are assigned throughout our organization in a variety of challenging and stimulating positions. 

Contact Email: Justine Roscoe

Deputy Sheriff Trainee

The Deputy Sheriff Trainee is one of our entry level positions. The Deputy Sheriff position makes up the majority of the Sheriff's Office. They staff our Core Services (Operations, Corrections, Court Security/Transportation) as well as a Specialty Assignments such as Detective Bureau, Narcotics Task Force, Gang Intelligence Unit, and SWAT Team. Candidates need not have Law Enforcement experience. They will be sponsored at a Basic Police Academy and upon graduation will participate in the field-training program. Candidates who have previously completed a Basic Police Academy, but not a field-training program also are eligible for this classification; they will be placed directly in our field-training program.  

Contact Email: Justine Roscoe

Sheriff's Professional Support Staff

Professional Support Staff

Our professional support staff plays an integral part in the success of the Sheriff’s Office. The staff consists of over 40 separate classifications and 200 positions with a wide range of responsibilities. The more common classifications are:

  • Forensic Specialist
  • Crime Analyst
  • Fiscal Office Assistant
  • Property Officer
  • Legal Office Specialist
  • Criminal Records Technician

Although many of the classifications are careers in and of themselves, we encourage internal movement in the form of promotions and different assignments. This includes movement from civilian to sworn positions (e.g., Office Assistant to Correctional Officer or Storekeeper to Deputy Sheriff Trainee).

Sheriff's Volunteer Forces

Deputy Sheriff Reserve

The Deputy Sheriff Reserve classification operates in the same capacity as Deputy Sheriff, but they are volunteers. Deputy Sheriff Reserves are just a small portion of the over 500 individuals that make-up our volunteer force. Our other volunteers are assigned to units including, but not limited to: Search and Rescue, Radio Operations, and Mounted Patrol.

Air Squadron
Members are civilians who volunteer their time to provide aerial support on search and rescue operations and other types of law enforcement missions. Members must be a licensed pilot, preferably with their own plane or access to the use of a plane.

Bay Area Mountain Rescue Unit (BAMRU)
Bay Area Mountain Rescue Unit is comprised of members who train for and practice a wide variety of skills used in wilderness search and rescue operations and technical rescues. Applicants must be a strong backpacker and have some mountain climbing training and equipment. The unit provides search and rescue training.

Communications Unit
Members are volunteers with FCC - amateur radio licenses. These individuals assist with communication needs during search and rescue operations and disaster relief efforts.

San Mateo County Search & Rescue (SMCSAR)
Rescue personnel trained in medical and inland search and rescue techniques. Members provide support for planned major events and emergency callouts. All needed training is provided during unit meetings and field training sessions.

Cliff Rescue | Dive Rescue | Marine Unit
Individuals are trained to assist in patrolling the water ways of San Mateo County and respond to water or technical cliff rescues. Members may apply for one or all divisions.

  • DIVERS: Members must be Rescue Diver certified and own basic scuba gear.
  • CLIFF RESCUE: A 100-hour cliff rescue class is provided to all new members.
  • MARINE: Team members operate three county owned boats for use on the bay and coastal waters.

Explorer Post 810 (Law Enforcement)
A group of young adults between the ages of 14-20 who volunteer their time to train and work with Sheriff's deputies. Their activities include law enforcement training, patrol car ride-a-longs, jail duties, and traffic control details.

Explorer Post 830 (Search & Rescue)
A group of young adults between the ages of 14-20 who are trained in basic wilderness search and rescue as well as evidence searching for major criminal cases. Other activities include disaster preparedness, first aid, and basic camping.

Sheriff's Volunteers in Policing (SVIP)
Volunteers who contribute their time and administrative experience help aid in the smooth operation of our Sheriff's Office, while those in our patrol division provide an invaluable bridge between the Sheriff's Office and our citizenry.

Mounted Search and Rescue (MSAR)
The Mounted SAR Unit is made up of horse and rider teams certified in 25 skill areas. Members must have their own horse and trailer.

Many people get their first experience of law enforcement with our Sheriff’s Explorer Post. Explorers are young people who volunteer to learn and perform a variety of duties under the careful guidance of Sheriff Office staff, and many later become Correctional Officers and Deputy Sheriffs.