Deputy Nick Verber

Sheriff’s Commendation

On April 12, 2016, you were on duty in the North County Patrol Bureau with Deputies Bryan Watt, Kyle Paterson and Jim Aboud. County Communications advised of a shooting at a residence in Millbrae. The female reporting party told Communications that she was suffering from a gunshot wound and that her husband was in their bedroom, alive, and also suffering from a gunshot wound.

You arrived on scene with the other deputies. Together, you formulated a plan and had the injured female reporting party exit the house. As she came outside, you noticed she was bleeding severely from the head. You were quick to put pressure on the female’s head wound with a towel she was holding and gave her direction to continue applying pressure. She advised you that her husband was in their bed, alive, bleeding from a gunshot wound and in desperate need of medical attention.

You made entry into the residence shortly after Deputies Watt, Paterson and Aboud. You then noticed a silhouette of an adult male exiting a bedroom. As he staggered passed the threshold of the doorway, you saw that he was bleeding profusely from each temple. In addition, he displayed a revolver in his right hand, pointed towards the ceiling. Several commands were given for him to drop the weapon. The subject complied and slowly went down to all fours and threw the weapon towards you and the other deputies. You secured the weapon, making it safe.

You transitioned without hesitation from a tactical response that could have resulted in deadly force, to administering life saving measures to the subject. Your sound judgment, use of restraint and implementation of your training and experience in life saving measures, resulted in a positive outcome. Both husband and wife survived and will be given another chance to get the help they need.

You are to be commended for your quick, selfless, professional and courageous actions.

Dated:  September 13, 2016


Carlos G. Bolanos, Sheriff
County of San Mateo